Hottest Hustler Of The Day: Jay Chou's Adventurous 'Green Hornet' Premiere Style

Jay Chou at 'Green Hornet' premieres in Japan on Jan. 20, South Korea on Jan. 19, and Taiwan on Jan. 26.
Photo: WireImage/PictureGroup/Getty Images

Taiwanese actor-turned-musician-turned-songwriter-turned-film-producer Jay Chou switches up his style as much as his profession. At Green Hornet premieres across Asia, Jay (who plays Kato, the Hornet's assistant) proved he could pull off any daring look. In Japan he wore a black suit with pleated pants, a feather vest, and accessorized with studded leather fingerless gloves, a layered silver necklace, and futuristic buckle-up boots. While visiting South Korea, the actor played with patterns in a black-and-white checkered shirt and double-breasted blazer paired with polka-dot pants, a bright teal skinny tie, a large feather ring, and his favorite buckle-up boots. In Taiwan yesterday, Jay wore a graphic tee, a silver fringe necklace, a sherpa-lined leather jacket, black studded gloves (a different pair!), snakeskin print leather pants, and lace-up boots. It's hard for us to choose a fave Jay ensemble because they're all so different! But we definitely love how far removed from the regular ol' suit-and-tie combo they all are. What do you think?

+ Which of Jay Chou's daring outfits do you like best?