It's T-Shirt Time: Jersey Shore Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 18)

Tonight's episode of Jersey Shore was all about triumph: JWOWW officially called it quits with her longtime BF Tom (and changed the locks on her old house to prove it)...Sammi and Ronnie almost broke up (again), but worked it out...JWOWW and Sammi hugged it out...Ronnie finally got his stripper pole. And a ton of other things went down, but we were just too distracted by the furry new roomies (and JWOWW's feather top).

JWOWW'S BJÖRK TOP: JWOWW showed off her artsy side again in a feathery lace halter top, which she wore with large-and-in-charge earrings to the club with Roger, her first post-Tom beau.

Photo: MTV

VINNY'S GRENADE WHISTLE: Vinny debuted his grenade horn, which he said lets seaside know when "grenades" (aka unwanted lady friends) have entered the house.

Photo: MTV

THE SITUATION AND JWOWW'S DOG: The newest roomies just so happened to be the cutest (in our opinion). JWOWW's two mini-dogs came to live in the seaside house, and The Situation bonded over one, in particular, who he vowed to "teach how to pimp."

Photo: MTV

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