Hottest Hustler Of The Day: Snoop Dogg And His Hand Candy

Snoop Dogg performs at The Cabooze in Minneapolis on Jan. 25.
Photo: Getty Images

Snoop Dogg is touring across the United States promoting the release of his new album Doggumentary, and we couldn't help but notice the showstopping performance outfits he's been flaunting along the way. While onstage in Minneapolis last night, the rapper wore a CLH "Invincible" black and yellow jacket with a cartoon graphic tee and black pants. And don't even get us started on Snoop's accessories! He was decked out in a black do-rag, his signature braids with hair bobbles, aviator sunglasses, a handful of diamond-encrusted chains, and quite possibly the best personalized mic in the biz.

+ Do you like Snoop Dogg's iced-out accessories?