Get The Look: Emily Blunt's Braid/Twist/Updo

Emily Blunt at the 'Gnomeo & Juliet' premiere in Hollywood on Jan. 23.
Photo: Getty Images

What to call the hairstyle actress Emily Blunt wore to the Gnomeo & Juliet premiere (Emily plays the voice of Juliet) in Hollywood on Jan. 23? A French braid? A twisted updo? We weren't quite sure. But, we knew we wanted to figure out how to re-create the supercute, intricate 'do asap. According to international stylist Sherri Jessee, this style is technically called an "outside French braid chignon." Well, at least someone knows.

RUSK Radical Creme.


STEP 1: Start off with the correct texture to hold the braid in place. You can either work with "next day hair," or to create that workable texture on clean hair, evenly distribute a small amount of a thickening creme like RUSK Radical Creme ($13, through the hair and rough dry with a blow-dryer.

STEP 2: Begin with a soft side part at the front of the head. The key here is to grasp the hair you add into the braid only from the bottom side and follow the curvature of the head as you work your way down for good placement. When you get to the end of the braid, tie it off with a tiny clear elastic. Next, create a similar braid on the opposite side.

STEP 3: Twist the ends of both braids together and tuck under, securing with a few bobby pins. "This look features soft, loose texture," says Jessee. "If your braids aren't perfect, you've done it right!"

+ Would you try Emily Blunt's outside French braid chignon?

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