It's T-Shirt Time: Jersey Shore Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 17)

After an embarrassing stint in jail for public intoxication, Jersey Shore's Snooki is free and vows to lay off the alcohol indefinitely. Just when the feel-good energy among the casties hits a high point (Sammi and Ronnie are getting along, Deena finds a cuddle buddy, Snooki meets a juicehead gorilla), JWOWW brings the drama—she's torn between exploring the possibilities with a new crush and trying to make it work with her bickering beau Tom. Fashion-wise? Well, there was some drama in that department, too.

JWOWW'S FREE SNOOKI TANK: We're not sure if it helped Operation: Free Snooki in any way, but JWOWW's pink and black tee looked cute. Let's just hope she doesn't have to wear it again.

Photo: MTV

RONNIE AND DEAN'S TWIN CLUB STYLE: Ronnie and Dean (the beefed-up guy Deena met at Club Karma) look like brothers (cousins at least!)—same hair, same love for fitted shirts, same dance moves, AND they both have a girlfriend named "Sam."

Photo: MTV

DEENA'S COWBOY HAT PART TWO: Deena met Dean (the Ronnie look-alike) at Club Karma, and she put on her "blast in a glass" straw topper back at the house to seduce him into the hot tub.

Photo: MTV

THE RETURN OF SNOOKI'S POUF: While she takes a much-needed break from booze, Snooki brought back her pouf. Ah, the memories.

Photo: MTV

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