It's T-Shirt Time: Jersey Shore Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 16)

The special Monday night episode of Jersey Shore got off to a happy-go-lucky start with Sammi squashing her differences with Snooki (finally!), and then befriending new housemate Deena (finally!). But later on, things turned tipsy. Snooks had one two five too many drinks (at the club, at the pad, at work, at a bar with a random married couple twice her age), and her drunken behavior landed her in the back of a cop car in handcuffs (NOT a cute look). Check out the roomies' fashion picks below that we thought were cute...or crazy.

SNOOKI'S TRUCKER HATS: Snooki's pouf has been replaced by (or is being covered up with) a myriad of glittery/studded/colorful trucker hats. And, her hat addiction is rubbing off on Deena, who we also spotted rocking the topper.

Snooki and her hats.
Photo: MTV

SITUATION'S HOT PINK UNDIES: Why would Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's boxer briefs be any other color but look-at-me fuchsia?

Situation rocks hot pink undies.
Photo: MTV

DEENA'S LITTLE WHITE DRESS: We think Deena's going-out graphic halter was really a shirt, but don't tell that to this "party in a body."

Deena in her little white dress in the 'Jersey Shore' house and at Karma.
Photo: MTV

SNOOKI'S SHORE STORE UNIFORM: After a long night of partying and clubbing, a hungover and not-in-a-customer-service-mood Snooki had to work at the T-shirt store. Her uniform for the day? A blanket, big shades, fuzzy slippers, and (drumroll, please)...a trucker hat.

Snooki's new 'Shore Store' uniform.
Photo: MTV

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