It's T-Shirt Time: Jersey Shore Style Recap (S. 2, Ep. 15)

Save for Sammi who tried to keep her distance from "the new girl," the casties got back to their normal routine of "gym time," tanning, Seaside clubbing, sleeping in, working at the T-shirt shop, and Sunday dinner. And, of course, they did it all in signature Jersey Shore style.

SITUATION'S CLUB WEAR: The Situation left his roomies waiting while he mirror primped, making sure his blinged-out tee, aviator shades and intricate hair design were just so.

Situation admires himself in the mirror before heading out to the club.
Photo: MTV

SAMMI'S STUFFED BANANA: The big banana that Ronnie won for her at the boardwalk may have brightened Sammi's black-and-white ensemble, but it wasn't enough to brighten her mood.

Sammi brings a stuffed banana into the house after a day out with Ronnie.
Photo: MTV

SNOOKI'S BOARDWALK OUTFIT: Knee-high polka dot socks (mismatched!), a pink cowgirl hat, and a designer bag that swallowed her one accessorizes like Snooki!

Snooki's dresses for a night on the boardwalk.
Photo: MTV

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