Hottest Hustler Of The Day: Armie Hammer Perfects The Preppy Look

Armie Hammer on MTV's 'The Seven' in New York on Jan. 12.
Photo: PictureGroup

In The Social Network, Armie Hammer's sweeping blond hair gave us goose bumps. But, we learned yesterday when he stopped by The Seven that he isn't a blond at all (or he's dyed his golden mane brown for an upcoming role). Were we bummed? Not one bit. Armie, who played "Gabriel Edwards" in Gossip Girl a couple of seasons ago, also has that naturally preppy thing going for him. At The Seven interview, he wore a black tee under a blue pullover sweater and dark wash jeans. He kept his strands easy-breezy in a swept-back 'do, which helped his style look more scholarly chic than frumpy frat boy. But what do you think?

+ Do you like Armie Hammer's Ivy League ensemble?