Hottest Hustler Of The Day: Jay-Z And His Paint-Splattered Jeans

Jay-Z in New York City on Jan. 3.
Photo: Getty Images

Leaving the house in ripped, bleached, paint-covered, been-through-everything-and-back pants might lean more toward hobo than chic, but Jay-Z shows us that even the oldest jeans can look fresh. We spotted the rapper in New York City on Jan. 3 wearing "dirty" denim with a crisp white tee, gray wool zip-up sweater, a faux fur-lined leather jacket, and navy sneakers. Instead of worrying about getting those stubborn stains out of your favorite pair of blues, just do like Jay-Z—throw them on with a snug black leather jacket and work that too-cool-for-art-school attitude. You'll be a walking masterpiece.

+ Do you like Jay-Z's distressed denim look?

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