Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week: How To Wear A Head Wrap

Lisa Ostermann, Seaghna Wilson, and Nathalie H.
Photo: Courtesy of the Bloggers; Lisa Rosalie, Lights Drive My Soul, Accessory Pirate

We love cold-weather accessories for their added warmth and extra outfit oomph, but hate the bulk of too much bundling. Which is why we're loving winter's latest look—head wraps. Since they cover your ears but show off your hair, and shield your head but highlight your face, this is a trend that showcases your style instead of hiding it. We hit up some of our favorite style blogs for tips on choosing and wearing the perfect head wrap. Lisa Ostermann of Lisa Rosalie, Seaghna Wilson of Lights Drive My Soul, and Nathalie H. of Accessory Pirate all kicked off this new year with a new wintery look.

Lisa Ostermann of Lisa Rosalie


There's something so cozy-looking about Amsterdam-based blogger Lisa's H&M leopard topper, which keeps her ears covered without taking away from her beautiful strawberry blonde strands. And because of its wide width, it's likely to be warmer compared with other smaller head bands, making it a good practical option for the coldest of climates.

Seaghna Wilson of Lights Drive My Soul


Here's another reason to love head wraps: You probably already own one! Cali girl Seaghna folded a vintage silk scarf she already had into a turban-style wrap. She also demonstrates how a wrap can upgrade a regular sweater and jeans combo into a polished look that's casual, laid-back, and totally chic.

Nathalie H. of Accessory Pirate

Blog: Twitter: @accessorypirate.

We love the look of British blogger Nathalie's braided and studded hair wrap. The thickness of the braid offers a bit of a barrier, while the beige color is versatile for every day, and the silver studs dress it up for a night out.


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