Get The Look: Thick Brows Like Camilla Belle And Carey Mulligan

Camilla Belle on Dec. 12 and Carey Mulligan on Dec. 5.
Photo: WireImage

No time to wax, thread, or tweeze your brows this winter? You don't have to! According to brow guru Heidi Evora Santiago (she’s worked with Estelle and Eva Longoria) bushy brows are what’s in this season. Now, before you let your fringe grow all willy-nilly, remember it’s thick brows (see actresses Camilla Belle and Carey Mulligan above) that are trendy, not ungroomed brows. Read on for tips on getting a fuller-looking brow fast.

Chanel's Perfect Brows Kit, Neuveaubrow, Maybelline
Define-A-Brow Gel and the Anastasia Mini Duo Brush.

Thick Trick #1 Just as you would brush the hair on your head to stimulate the scalp, you should also brush your eyebrows upwards with an eyebrow brush like Anastasia Mini Duo Brush ($18, every night before bed to stimulate hair follicles.

Thick Trick #2 To fill in brows for a natural look, use brow powder like the one found in Chanel's Perfect Brows Kit ($65, Dip an angled brush into the powder, then make tic marks into your brows, mimicking small hairs. Next, blend the powder by brushing brows.

Thick Trick #3 If you’re trying to grow out sparse brows, use a brow gel like Maybelline Define-A-Brow Gel ($9.99, to keep renegade hairs in place and looking polished (instead of wolfy).

Thick Trick #4 Though they're pricey, brow conditioners like Neuveaubrow ($100, can help speed up the growth process by moisturizing the hair follicle with vitamins and nutrients and boosting the elasticity of individual hairs.

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