Kirsten Dunst Gets Bangs (And You Can Too!)

Kisten Dunst on Dec. 21, Urban Outfitters' Clip-On Bangs.
Photo: Zuma/UrbanOutfitters

Blonde actress Kirsten Dunst showed off her new bangs yesterday at a private Los Angeles screening of her film All Good Things. The wispy brow-skimmers look laid back and modern with Kirsten's fall-as-it-will bob. Want some fringe benefits of your own, but not quite ready to commit? We feel ya! Luckily, Urban Outfitters just launched Clip-On Bangs ($30, for the afraid-to-snippers. The forehead fringe is available in five shades (check out the black above) and made of 100 percent human hair, so it can be curled, cut, washed, and dyed. Faux bangs = shear genius!

+ Would you try faux bangs?