Hottest Hustler Of The Day: Cute Comedian Bill Hader

Bill Hader at the 'True Grit' premiere in New York on Dec. 14.
Photo: Getty Images

When Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader arrived at the True Grit premiere in New York last night, he proved that insanely funny guys can also look insanely stylish. He heated up the red carpet in a white T-shirt, blue and white striped button-up shirt, V-neck blue striped sweater and black peacoat, which he paired with skinny distressed denim jeans and brown boots for a super-layered (but not too bulky) look. How can we tell Bill's the real deal (and not just someone who makes us laugh)? He's wearing perfectly mixed patterns, and that takes some serious style skills! What do you think?

+ Do you like Bill Hader's premiere style?