Hottest Hustlers Of The Day: 'How Do You Know' Hotties Paul Rudd And Owen Wilson

Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson arrive at the 'How Do You Know' premiere in L.A. on Dec. 13.
Photo: WireImage

When A-listers Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson arrived at the How Do You Know premiere last night in Los Angeles, we couldn't keep our eyes off the studly stars! Paul Rudd walked the red carpet in a shiny gray suit, slate-colored shirt, black leather belt and matching shoes. Costar Owen Wilson wore a fitted gray striped suit, light blue shirt, navy tie, and black slip-on shoes paired with a shaggy 'do. While it's hard to choose between the two fiercely dressed funnymen, there's something special about Paul Rudd's not-trying-too-hard tousled hair, tieless neckline, and killer smile. But what do you think?

+ Which How Do You Know star dressed better—Paul Rudd or Owen Wilson?