MTV Style Best Of 2010: Hottest Hairstyles

When it came to locks, this was the year of experimentation for our favorite celebs. Emma Watson did the BIG CHOP, Lady Gaga went gray, and Willow Smith whipped her hair. And once they did it, we all followed suit!

TOP KNOTS: It's no wonder star after star, including Vanessa Hudgens, Whitney Port, and Lea Michele, adopted this ballerina style as their own. The high bun is quick and easy to do, it's completely chic, and it gives tired eyes an instant lift. What more could you ask for in a hairstyle?

Vanessa Hudgens at the Night of Fashion & Technology event in West Hollywood on May 24, Whitney Port at the 'Sex and the City 2' premiere in New York on May 24, and Lea Michele at the FOX UpFront after party in New York on May 17.
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RAINBOW BRIGHTS: From cherry red (like Rihanna) to berry blue (like Katy Perry) instead of drinking the Kool-Aid, stars looked like they were dumping it on their heads. The overdose of color was shocking, yes, but oh so fun!

Clockwise from top left: Rihanna at an after party in Hollywood on July 21, Katy Perry at the MTV Movie Awards in Universal City on June 6, Nicki Minaj at BET Studios in New York on Nov. 22, and Lady Gaga performing during her Monster Ball Tour in Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 18.
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OMBRE: Celebs such as Rachel Bilson and Lauren Conrad were able to rock their roots confidently thanks to this dye do. The low-maintenance look featured long, dark roots that lightened to a sun-kissed hue at the ends.

Clockwise from top left: Rachel Bilson at a Chanel event in L.A. on Nov. 13, Ashlee Simpson at the BCBG Max Azria Spring 2011 fashion show in New York on Sept. 10, Lauren Conrad at Barnes & Noble in Fairless Hills, Penn., on March 28, and Drew Barrymore at the 'Late Show With David Letterman' in New York on Aug. 24.
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FUNKY STRANDS: Necklaces and bracelets took a backseat to "hair accessories," like Katy Perry's pink and blue highlights, Beyoncé's glitter strands, and M.I.A's colorful ombré do.

Katy Perry at the MTV Video Music Awards in L.A. on Sept. 12, Beyoncé at the Grammy Awards in L.A. on Jan. 31, and M.I.A. performing at The Creators Project in New York on June 26.
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GRAY HAIR: While others hunted down and plucked renegade gray strands, Kelly Osbourne, Lady Gaga, and Pink embraced their gray 'dos (dyed, of course!).

Kelly Osbourne at the NewNowNext Awards in L.A. on June 8, Lady Gaga in London on Oct. 22, and Pink performing at the Wireless Festival in London on July 2.
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CHOPPED: At one point it seemed like an epidemic—long-haired celebs lopping off their locks in favor of short pixies and bobs. We all speculated why stars like Emma Watson would go short (for a role? to rebel?). Then we realized it didn't matter because their new dos looked hot!

Clockwise from top left: Keira Knightley at a 'Last Night' party in Rome on Oct. 28, Ashlee Simpson at a Decade Denim launch in Beverly Hills on Nov. 2, Scarlett Johansson at the Mango Fashion Awards in Barcelona on Oct. 20, and Emma Watson 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows' premiere in London on Nov. 11.
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ADD-ONS: From skinny headbands and sparkly barrettes, to big-and-bright bows, seeing celebs in standout hair accessories made us feel like kids again.

Whitney Port at the Whitney Eve Spring 2011 fashion show in New York on Sept. 11, Rihanna at a Christmas lighting ceremony in London on Nov. 4, and Pink at the Grammy Awards in L.A. on Jan. 31.
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BRAIDS: Year after year, braids make it onto "best of" lists. And while this year was no different, there were some plait styles that took center stage—Whitney Port's hairline braids, Kim Kardashian's fishtail braids, and Heather Morris' milkmaid braid.

Whitney Port at a bowling benefit in L.A. on Oct. 22, Kim Kardashian at Oktoberfest in Munich on Sept. 22, and Heather Morris at the Teen Choice Awards in Universal City on Aug. 8.
Photo: Getty Images


WILLOW SMITH'S WHIP-WORTHY STRANDS: With the release of Willow Smith's hit single "Whip My Hair," the punky 10-year-old's grown-up fashion sense (and her myriad of hairstyles) was thrust into the spotlight. And she became the cool little sister we all wish we had.

Clockwise from top left: Willow Smith at 'The Karate Kid' after party in Westwood, Ca. on June 7, Willow Smith at the Emporio Armani 2011 fashion show in Milan on Sept. 25, Willow Smith at the Dolce & Gabbana VIP room in Milan on Sept. 26, and Willow Smith at the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York on Dec. 10.
Photo: Getty Images


POMPS: We know exactly where Snooki's hair bump went...Kelly Osbourne, Ke$ha, Janelle Monae and Rihanna borrowed it, rocking their own versions of the high style.

Clockwise from top left: Kelly Osbourne at the Erin Fetherson Spring 2011 fashion show in New York on Sept. 12, Ke$ha at the MTV Video Music Awards in L.A. on Sept. 12, Rihanna at the Grammy Awards in L.A. on Jan. 31, and Janelle Monaé at the Women of the Year awards in New York on Nov. 8.
Photo: Getty Images


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