Hottest Hustlers Of The Day: Ryan Gosling And Jake Gyllenhaal

Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal at the 'Blue Valentine' screening in Los Angeles on Dec. 2.
Photo: WireImage

A-list cuties Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal were all pearly-white smiles when they reunited at the Blue Valentine screening in Los Angeles last Thursday (Ryan co-stars with Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine, a steamy romance flick that comes out Dec. 31). These boys gave us a double-dose of sexy in their studly ensembles. Ryan went preppy in a white V-neck tee worn under a beige polo and tweed jacket with both collars popped. Meanwhile, Jake took a more serious approach to his look, donning a black suit, dark gray shirt, and a black-and-white tie. There's nothing better than a well-dressed guy with a great smile (except for maybe two well-dressed guys with great smiles!). For us, though, Ryan's laid-back look edges out Jake's stoic style. But what do you think?

+ Whose outfit do you like better — Ryan Gosling's or Jake Gyllenhaal's?