Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week: Fun Faux Fur

Kelli Kangas, Vickie Laliotis, and Kate McLean.
Photo: Courtesy of the Bloggers; The Fashion Worshiper, Adventures In Fashion, O My Heart

Fur might be fabulous, but when it comes to the real deal, we stand with PETA. That doesn't mean passing on the trend entirely. Fake is no longer a faux pas. In fact, we've spotted celebs like Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, and Fergie wrapped in the imitation stuff, proving you can stay toasty and stylish without hurting any furry friends. Check out how style bloggers Kelli Kangas of The Fashion Worshiper, Vickie Laliotis of Adventures in Fashion and Kate McLean of O My Heart all keep warm while staying politically—and fashionably—correct!

Kelli Kangas of The Fashion Worshiper

Blog: Twitter: @fAsHiOnWoRsHiPr.

Blogger Kelli Kangas, who is American-born and Canadian-based, knows a thing or two about keeping warm in frigid temps. Her easy-to-layer vest is a great example of how fur has grown beyond just jackets. The topper was a gift to Kelli, which gives us some inspiration for our shopping lists this holiday season, since faux fabric also happens to be much cheaper than the real deal.

Vickie Laliotis of Adventures In Fashion

Blog: Twitter: @VickToTheE.

Like Kelli, Vickie calls Canada home. Hailing from the snowy region of Alberta, she'll fit right in for the first snowfall in this winter-white Joe Fresh Style faux fur coat that she picked up at Superstore, a Canadian discount shop. Her jacket looks just as cozy, warm, and luxurious as real fur, but without any of the guilt.

Kate McLean of O My Heart

Blog: Twitter: @kaaatemclean.

Feeling fickle about faux fur? So was Kate, another Canuck (these girls know their fur!), who decided to ease into the trend slowly by trying out a starter-style H&M stole. Kate's look shows that the road to fake can be taken in baby steps. Her party-perfect topper takes an already cute look (That skirt! That lace shirt!) and ups its glam factor while adding a bit of warmth.


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