Get The Look: Book Bags Like Natalie Portman's

Photo: Getty Images

You don't have to be into the classics to appreciate these cute clutches. Kate Spade recently launched her Book of the Month Clutch ($325, for accessory addicts, and last night Natalie Portman was spotted toting "Lolita," a green cover book/clutch made by Olympia Le-Tan to the New York City premiere of Black Swan, the movie she stars in with Mila Kunis. We love these clever carryalls because they are the perfect size for stashing all of our essentials—lipstick, cell phone, iPod, money, and those geeky-chic glasses that we used to have to wear to look all smart and literary.

Book clutches by Olympia Le-Tan. 'Great Gatsby' book clutch and newspaper clutch by Kate Spade.

+ Do you think these clutches are a novel idea?