Alexa Chung Aces High-Low Style

British television host and model Alexa Chung first showed off her signature style—high fashion-meets-low key cool—in the U.S. while hosting It's On With Alexa Chung on MTV last year, where she interviewed celebs and chatted up viewers live online. It's that same quirky/effortless/offhanded chic fashion sense that has helped her land her latest TV hosting gig. Thrift America, which is slated to air on PBS next summer, is an Antiques Road Show-esque program that will follow Alexa as she meticulously digs through consignment shops, garage sales and flea markets across the country for style treasures. Is this a case of TV imitating real life? We think so (and we're already getting our DVRs ready for it)!

Our fingers are crossed that on the show Alexa describes how to score the AMAZING vintage-y looks that we've recently spotted her in...without breaking the bank.

Alexa Chung at the Vogue Fashion Fund Awards on Nov. 15, the Sandro flagship boutique launch party on Nov. 25, and Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 6.
Photo: Getty Images

Boys Club

In a recent New York Times interview, Alexa said that all of her "beauty icons are men." We totally see it — she wore a long, double-breasted men's suit jacket over a white blouse and high-waist shorts at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards on Nov. 15.

Overall Fab

In the same New York Times article, Alexa explained why she doesn't fuss much with her hair. "I'm going to America and they're going to try and make my hair shiny and I don't want it. I want to look like Kurt Cobain," she said in the interview. This may also explain why she recently rocked a black pair of overalls with black tights, a graphic tee, a studded clutch, and a very Kurt Cobain-esque beige cardigan.

In the Trenches

At a Miu Miu fashion show on Oct. 6, Alexa wore a girly, checkered minidress and delicate pink strappy flats with a rugged trench and oversize duffle bag.