Who Knew Lil Wayne Loved Neiman Marcus So Much?

Lil Wayne at the Miami Heat vs. Phoenix Suns game in Miami on Nov. 17.
Photo: Getty Images

Rapper Lil Wayne, freshly released from jail after serving time for gun possession, stopped by the the Miami Heat vs. Phoenix Suns game in Miami yesterday to relax courtside. And while usually we see this guy in white tanks and jeans, he changed it up yesterday and wore something totally unexpected — a gray crew-neck sweatshirt with Neiman Marcus' logo scrawled on it in pink. A Neiman Marcus sweatshirt? On Lil Wayne?! We never even saw one of those before!

That's because it's vintage. A Neiman Marcus representative confirmed to MTV Style today that it's been more than 10 years since the luxury store has carried the sweatshirt, which was originally used as a promotional piece during the holidays for store employees to wear. As for the rapper wearing it, perhaps he found it at a thrift shop, because the store did not give it to him. Overall, Lil Wayne pulls off the total look well, pairing the top with camouflage cargo shorts, a fitted navy hat, and Christian Louboutin spike sneakers, which retail for $1,095 online. Who knew this guy was a closet Neiman Marcus fan? Not us, that's for sure.

+ Do you like Lil Wayne's Neiman Marcus look?