Look By Look: Natasha Bedingfield's 'Strip Me' Video

It's been a while since we've heard Natasha Bedingfield tell us that the future is "Unwritten" during The Hills theme song every week. But even though The Hills is gone, Natasha is back with a new single named "Strip Me." The lyrics for the song include the question: "If you strip me, what would you find?" And from the look of her recently released video for the single, the answer is lots of amazing outfits. We spotted more than 10 looks on Natasha during the 3-minute, 28-second video, including a black lace outfit with matching black lipstick (our favorite look!). See all of Natasha Bedingfield's looks from "Strip Me" below.


Natasha looks like a sexy Russian spy in this black hat and coat. Her dark, smoldering eye makeup and maroon lips add a touch of drama, too.

It's all about texture and neutrals here! We love Natasha's cozy sweater, which she dressed up with a bold brown bangle and gold beads. We also love her makeup update with winged cat eyes and tangerine lipstick.

Natasha switched it up with a splash of color in this frame. That shade of electric blue is piercing, and the singer's light makeup really lets the dress pop. The white neck piece, which appears to be made of mini seashells, and chunky bracelet add festive touches.

This white, feathery outfit — paired with the dramatic eye shadow and dark red lip color — oozes old Hollywood glamour.

Natasha shows us how to rock a headpiece with this embellished black piece. We love how it jazzes up the pop star's outfit, but it's not too outrageous or distracting.

Did Natasha borrow style advice from Ke$ha and Rihanna for this look? The metallic gold flecks remind us of Ke$ha's head-to-toe glittery look, and the black-and-gold dress has the same edge as Rihanna's outfits. Don't you think?

Natasha tried multiple interpretations of face paint for this video. Wheres before she had gold flecks, now she painted a white stripe on her cheekbone. It's animal-inspired, which relates to the birdlike feathery top, and the black bands on her arm are a nice touch, too.

Now, this is what we think of when someone says "Strip Me." Though, we must say, the black hat and thick eyeliner provide a nice balance to Natasha's nude lipstick and bare skin.

This is our favorite look of the video! We adore this black dress with a gorgeous lace overlay that extends to the singer's face and hair. Plus, Natasha's porcelain skin and black lipstick accentuate the drama.

Natasha gets artistic in this shot, literally, by tossing paint all over her dress. Her messy, tousled hair is the perfect style for this outfit.

Here, Natasha changed looks again, this time wearing a white, braided top, which has a fun feather collar. The top itself is so fierce — but not as fierce as Natasha'a face paint.

Natasha proves it's all about the details. Check out the pretty face makeup Natasha wears in this shot. Plus, she piled on more feathers — but this time, they're bronze.


+ Which Natasha Bedingfield "Strip Me" look is your favorite?