Look By Look: Anna Kendrick In A Supervideo Featuring LCD Soundsystem's 'Pow Pow'

Anna Kendrick is one of our favorite rising style stars. Which is why we are so psyched to see her star in a brand-new video/short film/supervideo that MTV and Mean magazine released today. It features the music of LCD Soundsystem's song 'Pow Pow.' In the video, Anna Kendrick plays a goddess with magical powers, darting around Los Angeles encountering big, huge villian-y guys. But she doesn't look like your typical heroine. "The director [David Ayer] wanted Anna to look like somewhat of a free spirit," says Maya Krispin, the wardrobe designer for the video. "She is basically a goddess in disguise. She can play anyone she wants when she goes around as a normal, unassuming person among everyone else." See every outfit Anna wore in the supervideo, look by look, with commentary from wardrobe designer Maya Krispin below.


"The shot with all the accessories on the bed — this was where we see her picking out her character for the day. We basically wanted an array of accessories, all different, to show that she can be anything she wants depending on what she chooses for the day — things that she can combine with her outfits to turn her style into anything she wants. There was an array of various items, from jewelry to hairbrushes to handbags." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"Anna's dress was Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent. The rest of her look was all vintage, including her top and jewelry." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"She wore some lace-up brown boots with a chunky heel and socks, which only some people can pull off! We tried a bunch of looks, and this was our favorite and she felt most comfortable in it."
— Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"I loved the nude dress with her skin tone, and the sequins on the top worked really well with the lighting of the video." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

A shot of Anna Kendrick's vintage earrings.

"We wanted this scene to be more dramatic. This is where we find out that she is this super-human goddess. The white outfit was vintage. It is so different from the others that it just sets her up as someone completely different as a character, but we can tell that it is still her.The director [David Ayer] wanted something white and simple. It was actually two dresses that we combined to make into one, and connected with a sash." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"There was some bee symbolism that [director David Ayer] mentioned was important in this scene, and that is why she wears a brooch on her neck. She was meant to look like a goddess, but not the typical grecian goddess we are used to seeing. We wanted to do something different." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"Her face was meant to be quite pale, as she was playing a larger than life character." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"In this look at the end, a gym look, she is wearing a Alternative Apparel T-shirt." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer To be exact, the shirt is the aa1042w7 Washed Deep V Pocket Tee by Alternative Apparel ($34, AlternativeApparel.com).

"I think the fashion contributed to the video by just sort of rounding out the character that Anna was playing — this free spirited, young, unassuming, ingenue-type girl (or at least that is the role she is going for that specific day in the context of the video)." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer