Look By Look: 'Raise Your Glass' By Pink

There are a lot of interesting style/costume choices in Pink's music video for her latest single, 'Raise Your Glass.' Pink's plethora of fashion includes a Rosie The Riveter look-alike outfit, a sparkly strapless one-piece with black plastic glasses, a throwback prom look with a strapless blue dress and matching accessories, a punk look with heavy black Taylor Momsen-style eyeliner and a mohawk, a skater look, a bicycle gangster look, a red romper with knee-high white boots, and a monk-inspired fencer. Wow! Her wardrobe person definitely put in some overtime. But check out a full fashion breakdown of Pink's 'Raise Your Glass' video below and see for yourself.

Pink's first scene opens with her channeling Rosie The Riveter, a cultural American feminist icon. Only Pink has tattoos. It's a different generation now, people!

This strapless black one-piece, black pumps, and black glasses is our favorite Pink look — it's simple and cute, and that's all you need.

Another shot — closer. Ooooh.

In the next scene, she does a throwback to '80s fashion. Not just any '80s fashion — PROM FASHION. She's wearing a blue strapless dress and matching accessories (earrings and headband) for this look. Don't judge. You know you've been there.

Here is another shot of the look.

Pink shows her inner punk with this beauty look. We kinda like the dark makeup on her. It makes her look even feistier than she usually does. The mohawk just puts her over the top.

Here we see in her natural state — skater-friendly clothes that are relaxed and comfortable.

But then she went all gangster on us. Weird.

In one of her final looks, Pink puts on a red outfit with knee-high white boots. But what's even odder about this look is that she's dancing on top of a money sign. See it? See it?

Finally, she turns into a monk-inspired fencer person-thing. We're not sure what this look is about, but at this point, we're just going with the flow.

Another angle of her monk-inspired fencer person-thing outfit. Because you needed to see it twice.

Pink kinda looks like Rosie, doesn't she?