Look By Look: 'Gimme Dat' By Ciara

The lyrics for Ciara's latest single, 'Gimme Dat,' start out like this: "I've been gone for too long, think it's time to bring it back." AND WELCOME BACK CIARA. (Not that we thought she left for that long, though.) We're obsessed with this song, and now we're obsessed with the video she released for it, which came out this month. Her fashion choices for the video match the sexy vibe of the song — mesh tops with leather bustiers, sneakers atop Lucite heels, daisy dukes with a "FLY" fanny pack, bedazzled Atlanta hats, high-waisted jeans, see-through black bodysuits, and the list goes on. Check out a full fashion breakdown of Ciara's 'Gimme Dat' video below.

Ciara opens the video by busting out of a hotass black car wearing a mesh long-sleeve top, leather bustier and a sexy pair of black shades.

These are Ciara's shoes — Converses (or what look like Converses) atop Lucite heels. They would look ridiculous on us, but on her they look badass.

Ciara is so freaking fly that she wore a fanny pack on top of cutoff denim shorts, reminding you how fly she is. The fanny pack is from designer Walter Van Beirendonck's fall collection and is available for $152 at Shop.Christibor.com.

After Ciara does an amazing backbend in sky-high heels, she enters a warehouse to show off her dance skills. One of the first things she does once inside is show off her hometown spirit with a bedazzled Atlanta hat.

Later, Ciara grinds against the wall in a black bodysuit and black pants. This is her "minimal" look.

Ciara kept her makeup clean with brown eye shadow and deeply lined eyes. She also had some blond highlights in her hair, and she accessorized with a large gold chain.

Inside when she's doing her dance (which reminds us of Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" routine), she's wearing a black crop top, bold gold necklace, and black pants. Our favorite part of this look, however, is her red fingerless gloves — this finishing touch brings a touch of color.

Then the sprinklers go off! Ciara looks stylish splashing in the water wearing black combat boots, black shorts, a black bikini top, and a loose mesh black sweater.

Even her makeup looks good in the rain! We're officially jealous. Must be waterproof mascara. Must be.

Back inside, Ciara is in another outfit. This time, she's wearing a black bandeau top with black buckles on it, acid wash harem denim jeans, and metallic shoes. Her beauty is also much more done up, with bright red lips and darker eye makeup.

These are the shoes! Ciara wore wedge lace-up booties with silver, purple, and red accents.

Let's not forget the catlike black bodysuit Ciara wore. This was by far the sexiest look, which is probably why we only saw it from a distance for most of the time she wore it.