Style Transformation: Justin Timberlake's Hair

Justin Timberlake. Top row: July 1997 and July 2000; Bottom row: June 2004 and October 2010.
All photos: Getty Images/WireImage

Justin Timberlake kept his grooming pretty mild this year. His hair and facial fuzz always looked scruffy, a look that shined when he made the rounds promoting The Social Network last month. But it's all gone now! Just last week the singer/fashion designer/all-around hustler stepped on the set of his latest movie I'm.Mortal with a shaved head. He looks so fresh! So clean! So ... OK, we'll just say it: sexy. And we've seen this before. Justin's latest hair change is just another in the long line of Justin Timberlake's Ongoing Hair Transformation. Here, we take a look at the past 13 years of Justin Timberlake's hair, from *NSYNC curls to a military buzz cut to scruffy and fuzzy to what we have now — hot, shaved, and sexy. Take a look below, and tell us, what's your favorite Justin look?


July 1997: Thirteen years ago, Justin Timberlake looked like this — innocent, brownish-blond, and adorable with curls. We remember Justin just like this, like it was yesterday.

November 1998: Here, you can see Justin Timberlake experimented with bleach. It was a scary time for all of us.

April 1999: A year later, back to his natural hue and natural curls. Woo!

May 2000: Justin Timberlake in cornrows! We will forgive him for this, but we will never forget it.

July 2000: This is Justin's fluffiest style. Look at that volume!

February 2001: AND THEN HE SHAVED IT OFF! He lost his hair, but gained a goatee. This was a hotness upgrade, in our opinion.

February 2002: The curls are back! And you can see this is the moment he decided to start growing a beard.

August 2003: Sexy and refined. You can't say those adjectives too many times when talking about Justin.

June 2004: Scruffffffffffffffffffy! He's probably thinking, "Why shave? I'm Justin Timberlake."

September 2006: And what a different look this is! He went from gorilla scruffy to military cadet in this hair change. This has to be our favorite Justin look, if we had to judge on pure sexiness.

September 2008: The scruff reemerges — he just can't tame it. Although, this time he just kept the fuzz to his beard area.

September 2009: Channeling his earlier years, Justin looks sexy with a clean, groomed face and curls, curls, curls.

October 2010: This is Justin's main look for the year — closely cut hair and a trimmed, yet still wild, beard. He wore this look a lot when he promoted The Social Network.

October 2010: BACK TO A BUZZ CUT! We love the way he looks with a buzz cut, seen here on the set of I'm.Mortal. That's why we're calling this an upgrade from his usual fuzzy look. But what do you think?

+ What's your favorite Justin Timberlake hairstyle?