Everything You Wanted To Know About Kanye West's Phillip Lim Clothes In 'Runaway'

When Kanye West debuted his short film, 'Runaway,' over the weekend, he did not skimp on the fashion. Not only did he enlist notable costume designer Martin Izquierdo to create the unique, custom feather wings Selita Ebanks wore throughout the film, he also called upon famed fashion designer Phillip Lim to custom-design all the menswear he wore himself. Today we caught up with Phillip, who just returned to New York from China, where he was showcasing his latest collection. We spoke to him all about Kanye and how the designer came to be in the rolling credits at the end of "Runaway" as part of the film's costume design. Find out everything about Phillip Lim's designs for Kanye from Phillip himself, below.

How did you get involved in Kanye's project?

Kanye came into our SoHo store, and our sales director was in there at the same time. They got chatting, and Kanye was put in touch with me.

Did you review a storyboard or anything before putting together any of the looks?

No. I just spoke verbally with Kanye about it.

Are all of the clothes that Kanye West wears in this film by Phillip Lim? What other looks are by Phillip Lim?

I designed several pieces for Kanye, and then consulted on the color palette for Selita’s outfit.

Kanye West and Phillip Lim.
Photo: Jeremy Kost/Getty

Did you contribute anything to Selita's look, like the gold breastplate or headdress?

Mainly the color palette.

How did you end up with this color palette?

They were just colors that I was interested in. I am really feeling colors that exist in shadows – nonobvious [colors].

Are the clothes Kanye wears from any of your collections? Are they available to the public?

No, they were all custom-made.

How much input did Kanye provide into the final looks?

It was his film, so he made the final call on what was used.

Did you dress the dinner guests or ballerinas?


Did you work closely with the art director, Vanessa Beecroft?

I didn’t actually meet her, but I very much appreciate her work.

Were you on set during the filming?

Kanye and I worked remotely, so I didn’t actually visit the set.

What do you think of the film, now that you've seen it?

I think it is very culturally interesting. It brings together music, fashion, and art, which isn’t a new concept, but it is also something which is quite challenging to do.

Would you like to do more film work?

Absolutely. I am very interested in working more in film.

What are you working on now?

I have many collections to design. I have just spent 10 days in Beijing for a big show we were doing over there, so I have a lot of catching up to do.