What Are Mary J. Blige's Favorite Pair Of Sunglasses?

Mary J. Blige in Melodies by MJB.
Photo: Melodies by MJB

Mary J. Blige is highly intertwined in the fashion world, collaborating with designers like Frida Giannini of Gucci and Catherine Malandrino, and even launching a perfume in years past. But now, she is designing something totally different, and so totally Mary: Sunglasses. This month, the R&B singer released Melodies by MJB, a four-style collection of sunglasses that come in a variety of colors for $150 to $250 per pair, available now at Bergdorf Goodman and Nordstrom stores. Each style is named to represent a side of Blige's life: Showtime, Red Carpet, Incognito, and The MJ's (her signature). MTV Style recently caught up with the fashionable musician to talk about her new collection and to find out about her favorite shades ever. Find out what she said below!

Mary J. Blige in Melodies by MJB; Signature "MJ's" and Incognito Styles.
Photo: Melodies by MJB

In one word, how would you describe the collection?

Mary J. Blige: "It’s three words: fun and flavorful and strong, because the glasses make you feel confident and sexy."

What are your favorites from the line?

"My signatures (The MJ’s) and the Incognitos."

Sunglasses are such a versatile accessory. What's your favorite way to rock them?

"I don’t have one favorite way. I like them dressed up AND dressed down. I wear them going to the airport and to perform in."

How has your music inspired your style?

"There is consistency in every part of my life from my music, to my style, to my perfume, to my foundation FFAWN. They are all a huge part of me that celebrates independence and individuality."

A lot of performers have worked on fashion lines. Who are some of your favorite musician-turned designers?

"Gwen Stefani with L.A.M.B. Her stuff is real! Love it. Jay-Z — flavorful, hot fashion. Diddy with Sean John — his stuff is amazing. Nobody has ever done it like Diddy."

What are your favorite trends heading into fall?

"Jackets and boots are my most current favorite trends heading to fall. I'm more open to trying colors other than my favorite earth tones."

Mary J. Blige in Melodies by MJB; Red Carpet and Showtime Styles.
Photo: Getty Images/Melodies by MJB

If you could give your teenage self advice on style knowing what you know now, what would you tell her?

"I would tell myself NOT to over-accessorize. I keep it much more simple now."

Do you wear sunglasses more now than when you were a teen? How so?

"No, I've always worn sunglasses. It’s just now I can afford to purchase a wider variety of sunglasses. That's why it was such a natural fit for me to design glasses."

And last, what's the best fashion tip someone ever gave you?

"Fashion tip — no one has really given me fashion tips. I learned it on my own through trial and error. My stylist Marni pushes me to take chances and wear things I wouldn't normally choose for myself."

Mary J. Blige in Melodies by MJB.
Photo: Melodies by MJB