World Gymnastics Championships: The Complete Leotard Breakdown

Spain, Japan, Italy at the Women's Gymnastics World Championships on Oct. 17.
Photo: All Photos Courtesy Of Getty Images

Holy Shawn Johnson, the World Gymnastics Championships happened this week! The best gymnasts from around the world convened in Rotterdam, Netherlands to compete in the 2010 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. These ladies amazed us with their twists, jumps, and rolls, not to mention their ability to whiz in midair with their toes to their ears. But the coolest part of watching it had to be the leotards. Each country designed a colorful, bright, amazing look — all the qualities of a good stage costume seen by our favorite performers. But don't just take our word for it. See the complete breakdown of the leotards at the World Gymnastics Championships below.


Spain's Elena Zaldivar and Ukraine's Yana Demyanchuk performed their balance beam routines in blue outfits, showing off their countries colors in a fashionable way. We loved the navy and light blue mix of Spain's outfit, and how the blue-to-yellow flames looked on Ukraine's leotard.

Japan's outfits incorporated Eastern-inspired designs, as you can see from Rie Tanaka's leotard when she performed on the uneven bars. Meanwhile, American Mackenzie Caquatto represented the U.S.A. in a red, white, and blue uniform. The sleeves were blue — we'll call this look minimalist.

Italy's outfits were our favorite! Here, Italian Vanessa Ferrari shows off the country's colors in a white, red, and green leotard with a black background. We love how the black balances out the other colors. Then, the French went for swirls with their leotards, as seen here on France's Pauline Morel. This pattern is cute, but not overwhelming, and the metallic blue really shined.

Here we see another outfit from Britain, as seen on Elizabeth Tweddle of the United Kingdom during her uneven bars performance. This time, it's purple with sparkles, and we like how this one stepped outside the traditional country colors. Then, Brazil's Jade Fernandes Barbosa showed off a white leotard with light blue and deep blue colors during her floor exercise routine.

Colombia and Canada brought out the red on the balance beam! Here, Colombia's Nathalia Sánchez Cárdenas wore a red outfit with silver rhinestones, while Canadian Coralie Leblond-Chartrand had a similar outfit, only with more white featured.

Germany's Oksana Chusovitina patiently waited before her balance beam routine, showing off the country's spandex uniform with gold and red stripes on a black-and-white background. It seems too plain compared with the other ones at the event, don't you think? On the other end of the spectrum, Russia had really bright magenta leotards, as seen here on Russia's Aliya Mustafina after her uneven bars performance. We love how she matched her eye shadow to her leotard!

Romania had the most transparent of all the outfits, given that it was entirely white, as seen here on Ana Porgras during her balance beam routine. However, Switzerland made up for the lack of color with the most designed leotards of the whole world (ha!) with black sleeves and a blue, white, and red pattern, as seen here on Jennifer Rutz mid-vault.

We're happy to spot a scrunchie at the World Championships! Australia's Larrissa Miller satisfied that area of accessorizing, by matching the yellow of her green, white, and yellow leotard with a yellow hair-tie. Here you see her during her uneven bars performance.

Venezuela also won a spot in our hearts as one of our favorite looks, as seen here on Jessica Lopez during her uneven bars performance. The mix of primary colors on the Venezuelan outfits are perfect, and we love the swirls, too.

Great Britain's Rebecca Downie jumped the vault during the women's team final in a red, white, and blue outfit. This looks like it could be an American outfit, too, considering the colors. The swirls really seem to be a big trend here, right?

Yuyan Jiang of the bronze medal-winning team from China on the balance beam during the women's team final showed off her country's leotard — which seems to be highly inspired by the Chinese flag.

America's team placed second, and for the finals, showed off a different outfit. Gymnast Rebecca Bross competed on the balance beam to contribute to the team's silver medal win wearing the best American leotard we've seen yet — a predominantly red look with blue and white wavy stripes.

Russia won the gold! And they did it in style. Here we see Anna Dementyeva look super sleek and chic in a blue leotard with rhinestone embellishments and a sheer top. Way to win all around.

Overall, we like Venezula and Italy the best. Which leotard is your favorite?