Does Taylor Momsen's Necklace Cross The Line?

Taylor Momsen performing at the 'Rock The Sidewalk' party on Oct. 21.
Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Momsen made quite the statement when she performed at a party in New York last night. And this time it wasn't even her signature black garter, fishnet tights, and ripped tank that caught our eye — that's standard fare by now — it was her necklace. The Gossip Girl star and The Pretty Reckless singer adorned her neck with a rhinestone necklace that spelled out the word slave (3 Kisses Lingerie, $17.56). It was a controversial move, given that Taylor's 17 years old and the word itself is supercharged with emotion. Not to mention, there is an implication of sex here, in a domination way. We're huge fans of Taylor's confidence and willingness to defy conventions, but we're starting to wonder about the young star. After seeing Taylor pose in lingerie while holding guns for the cover of Revolver magazine last week, her actions beg the question: When does it go too far?