MTV Style Headlines Of The Week: Fall Trends Kick In, Snooki Wins A Fashion Face-Off, And More

Justin Bieber — glasses are huge!
Photo: Getty Images

• Fall is here! Try these top trends: 10 fall nail colors, admiral jackets, nerdy glasses, socks and heels, printed pants, and LEOPARD!

• This week's fashion face-offs: Snooki vs. Kat DeLuna and Kat DeLuna vs. Adrienne Bailon. Judging from your comments, Kat lost both rounds ... sadly. But that means Snooki won!

• It FINALLY happened! Kevin Manno from The Seven didn't wear plaid! But he did every other day of the week...

• This week's episode of Gossip Girl was all about rumors. But really, it's hard not to talk about their amazing outfits.

• Yowza! Enrique Iglesias explained his biggest style secret — waxing!

• The Jersey Shore was on fire this week! The Situation danced in red on Dancing With The Stars, and then sadly had to say goodbye. Plus, see the whole cast spill on how to find the perfect swimsuit.

• Lauren Conrad graced the cover of both Teen Vogue and Women's Health in the same month, while also doing a book tour! She's proving she's the ultimate diva.

The Hills stars prove you can rock an LBD in so many gorgeous ways, while LaLa Vazquez worked it in bright colors.

Florence + The Machine performed on Dancing With Stars in an ethereal ensemble, while The Like takes the stage in no-nonsense mod-inspired gear.

• Ed Westwick bares all ... all the time, apparently. He loves showing off his chest hair (and we love seeing it!).

• This week, we pondered life's deepest question: Does Katy Perry make a good cat?

See you Monday, fashion lovers! It's time to relax!