Does Katy Perry Make A Good Cat?

Katy Perry in her new Purr fragrance ad.
Photo: Courtesy of WWD

Katy Perry is gearing up to promote her first-ever fragrance, Purr, which drops this November, and this is the outfit she wore for her new ads, which WWD released today. She's dressed like a cat! Katy Perry wore a pink and purple latex bodysuit with leopard spots all over it (everyone loves themselves some leopard these days!), complete with black stilettos, a cat mask, and a matching latex tail. (Does that tail look weird to you, or is it just us?) She's also nibbling on neon pink yarn, taking the cat imagery to even more literal levels, if it wasn't obvious before. Though, there are many other kitty innuendos that can be associated with this that we won't go into right now.

+ Does Katy Perry make a good cat?