Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Or Mark Salling: Who's The Hottest Nerd?

Justin Timberlake on Oct. 6, Justin Bieber on Oct. 13, and Mark Salling on Sept. 16.
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Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, and Mark Salling are three of our favorite heartthrobs who've recently gone nerdy on us — and trust us, we mean that in a great way. We love that these guys have been switching up their style and going for geeky chic glasses every once in a while. But who looks hottest in thick black frames? You tell us. But first, let's take a closer look ...


Hotter with glasses? Our vote: YES.

Justin recently attended the premiere of The Social Network in a black and blue blazer and hipster glasses with thick black frames. But just last month, he showed up at the 2010 Video Music Awards in a sleek black leather jacket and left the eyewear at home. He looks awesome in glasses, like a serious, intense, studious guy. And wouldn't you want him to study you?

Justin Timberlake opts for glasses during 'The Social Network' premiere, but decides to go bare at the 2010 VMAs.
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Hotter with glasses? Our vote: NO.

Justin Bieber looked more like an indie singer than an R&B crooner when he wore glasses, a hat, and an orange plaid shirt during a performance in Tokyo. But like Justin T., he leaves the glasses at home regularly, like when he attended last month's VMAs. We kinda like him without the glasses. They're too much of a distraction when we'd much rather focus on his famous tossed, long, side-swept hair and big brown eyes.

Justin Bieber rocks the glasses onstage in Tokyo and leaves them behind at the VMAs.
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Hotter with glasses? Our vote: SOMETIMES.

Mark Salling pulled out his glasses when he showed up at a Macy's event last month in Los Angeles wearing thick square frames and a black shirt with a bright orange stripe. But one week earlier, the Glee star looked cool in plaid at the premiere of his show's second season. Mark Salling looks equally hot both ways, so we're really undecided on this one.

Mark Salling with glasses at a Macy's event and without at a 'Glee' screening.
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+ Who looks hottest in glasses — Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, or Mark Salling?