'The Seven' Style: Julie Alexandria and Kevin Manno Test Out Textures

Julie Alexandria and Kevin Manno of 'The Seven.'
Photo: Liza Chrust/MTV

The Seven style closed out the week today with fun textures in bright colors. Julie Alexandria wore a multicolored snakeskin print top by Single Dress painted in rich blue, purple and turquoise hues, with skinny stretch-knit ribbed panel leggings and croc-inspired pumps. (Also, her funky bangles by Rosena Sammi were amazing! See the close-up below.) Meanwhile, her cohost Kevin Manno popped on a purple, white and blue striped plaid top by PalmerCash that played well off of Julie's colors. Love these looks? Get all the details on where to get them below.


+ Shirt: Single Top by Single Dress (SingleDress.com).

+ Jeans: Stretch Knit Leggings in Black by Seventy Two Changes ($228, Nordstrom.com).

+ Shoes: Peep Toe Platform Croc Skin Pumps by Steve Madden (From 'The Seven' Style Closet).

+ Bracelets: Bhangra Monsoon large silk thread bangles and Mauja silk thread bangles by Rosena Sammi ($24.99 and $49.99, RosenaSammi.com).


+ Shirt: Light Plaid Button-Up Top in Purple by PalmerCash ($44.97, PalmerCash.com).

+ Jeans: Matchstick Jeans in Stretch Rigid by Levi's ($98, Levi.com).

+ Shoes: One Star Classic 74 by Converse ($70, Converse.com).

+ Watch: Men's Captain II Analog Watch by Freestyle ($90, WatchCo.com).

Julie Alexandria's Bracelets and Kevin Manno's Watch.
Photo: Liza Chrust/MTV

Julie Alexandria's Shoes - and Dora the Explorer Band-Aid. Cute!
Photo: Liza Chrust/MTV