Trending: Are Bras Meant To Be Seen?

Kat Graham at the BET Hip Hop Awards and Victoria Beckham in the November 2010 issue of 'Marie Claire'.
Photo: PictureGroup and 'Marie Claire'

SCREW SHIRTS! If we followed the example of some of the leading ladies in Celebrityland, that's what they are showing us. On Saturday, Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham wore a black bra top that was attached to high-waisted pants to the BET Awards, an outfit she designed herself. In the latest issue of Marie Claire, Victoria Beckham covers the issue, and for her editorial wears a girdle $975 dress by Bordelle. And there's more ...

Rihanna in Toronto on August 5 and Lady Gaga performing on the 'Today' show on July 9.
Photo: Getty Images

The summer was also filled with black bra tops. Rihanna pranced around Toronto in early August wearing a black bra top and gray skirt, while Lady Gaga made an epic appearance on the Today Show in the rain wearing a black bra underneath a black jumper by Giorgio Armani.

It seems like only the rich and fabulous can wear this look and get away with it — though, it is Halloween coming up. Do we sense lots of shirt-ditching and black bra exposure at the end of the month with these ladies in mind? Absolutely. Why waste money on shirts if bras are meant to be seen?

+ Would you wear your bra in public like Kat, Victoria, Rihanna, and Gaga?