Trending: Kim Kardashian's Glam Gold Necklace

Kim Kardashian. From left: Tallulah Tu, Hive and Honey, and Fyona.
Photo: PictureGroup

Kim Kardashian made a casual outfit superchic by layering on a gold necklace when she attended the Miami Dolphins game on Sunday. For a simple flat studded style like Kim’s, we love this Gold Pyramid Studded Necklace by Talullah Tu ($28.54,, which has an adjustable clasp, so the choice to wear it long or short is up to you. For a little more depth and dangle, try Fyona’s Gold Metal Spiked Necklace Set ($42.95,, which also comes with a pair of earrings. And for a big necklace statement, try this layered Brass Fringe Necklace by Hive and Honey ($32,, with lots of wispy, eye-catching gold bits. To get the full fringe effect, keep the rest of your outfit sleek, simple, and accessory-free.

+ Price: $28.54, $32, $42.95

+ Get It: Talullah Tu Gold Pyramid Studded Necklace, Hive and Honey Brass Fringe Necklace, Fyona’s Gold Metal Spiked Necklace Set

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