Taylor Swift Dresses Like A Rainbow!

Taylor Swift loves Roy G. Biv!

Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift's style keeps evolving as she grows older, and one thing she's definitely into are bright, BRIGHT dresses. Just last night, Taylor Swift wore a vibrant yellow dress to the Country Music Hall in California, and last week she wore a radiant green Miu Miu dress to the premiere of Easy A. So, we wondered, what happens when you put all her colorful dresses together? You get a Taylor Swift Rainbow! Pretty, right? As for a favorite hue, we thought she looked absolutely spectacular in yellow, so that's our favorite color of the Taylor Rainbow. But what's yours?

+ What color looks best on Taylor Swift?


Taylor Swift in Red: January 27; Orange: March 2008; Yellow: September 23.

Photo: Getty Images

Taylor Swift in Green: September 14; Blue: January 27; Purple June 17.

Photo: Getty Images