MTV Style Q&A: VV Brown Talks Style

VV Brown
Photo: MTV

VV Brown is a singer you need to know. Not only for her music, with its catchy indie-pop sound (download her single 'Shark In The Water' and you'll see) and tour with Maroon 5 this summer, but also for her fashion. The 26-year-old Brit is a rising star in the fashion industry — posing for Elle and Vogue as a model signed with Next Model Management. So when she swung through the MTV Style studio a few weeks ago for a photo shoot (click here to see all the amazing photos!), we quizzed her on her music, style, her signature flattop hairstyle, and her thoughts on the fashion industry. Good news! This one knows how to speak her mind. Read on for more.

How does your style reflect your music?

VV Brown: "My music is a mix of many different styles from punk to retro to reggae to pop, and I think generally that is my personality. Even the way I’ve been raised; my dad is Puerto Rican and my mum is Jamaican and I’ve grown up in London. So my whole life is very mixed up with many, many different cultures and many, many different things that inspire my fashion."

How do you style your signature flattop do?

"I actually do the roll myself, and then whoever I’m working with helps wraps it and makes it neat with hair spray. The roll comes from a long journey of experimentation and my love of different cultures. I think maybe for the second album I'll experiment with something else."

Besides singing, you're involved in the fashion industry, as a model (in British Vogue and beyond) and a vintage collector. Would you ever want to design your own collection?

"I’d love to do a collection in the future based upon time periods — a whole collection inspired by medieval times or Victorian or Edwardian all the way up to the future of what fashion is, and it would be a collection that embraces all the different times. That would be fun."

VV Brown
Photo: MTV

Is there anything you dislike about the fashion industry?

"It’s very fickle and consumed by vanity. As much as I love fashion, there is a balance I have in my world. I think in the fashion world you can be consumed with just beauty and being thin. The question of size zero and how small models are, that’s quite a concern of mine. I don’t think models need to be extremely thin. I think the perception of beauty needs to change, and I think all women need to be celebrated."

How should the view of beauty change?

"The normal woman outside the fashion industry is trying to attain an unrealistic perception of what is beautiful. That’s not reality. Fashion and beauty should be about happiness and health, innovation, expression, and sexuality. Being sexy is being a woman and being a woman is having womanly features, not masculine features, which I think the modeling industry projects — skinny and with no breasts. Being healthy and happy should be the reality."

Do you go vintage shopping when you’re on tour?

"Yes. Everywhere I go, I try and hit a vintage shop to buy something. I think American vintage fashion is best in the world. I’ve been to Paris and Milan and America, for some reason, just piques my interest with fashion. I get the best pieces here."