What Happens When The MTV TJ Goes To Fashion Week

Fashion Week just wrapped up in New York, and MTV Style was ALL OVER IT, covering shows, spotting famous people in the front row, and more. But what happens when you send MTV's Twitter expert and first-ever TJ, Gabi Gregg, to the catwalk? We wanted to find out! See below for MTV TJ Gabi Gregg's fun Fashion Week experience!

MTV's TJ Gabi Gregg wearing Monif C at the Video Music Awards.
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Hi, MTV Style! I’m Gabi Gregg, MTV’s first-ever TJ, MTV's official Twitter correspondent! I’m here to give a voice to the fans of MTV and tweet (@MTVTJ) all about what goes on here behind the scenes. I’ve also been a fashion blogger for two years now for YoungFatAndFabulous.com, so I couldn’t be more excited to move to New York for this gig and live in the fashion capital! When I found out I’d be living in NYC this fall, New York Fashion Week is one of the first things I got excited about. But guess what?! Now that I work at MTV, I didn't get to go to most of it because I had to fly to Los Angeles for the Video Music Awards! (I know, woe is me). But, thankfully, I got back to NYC just in time for the last day of Fashion Week, and I went to two shows: Naeem Khan and L.A.M.B.!

Some looks from Naeem Khan's Spring 2011 collection.
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When I walked into the Naeem Khan show at Lincoln Center, I managed to pretend to look like I knew what I was doing well enough to find my seat. It started 40 minutes late, but the clothes were worth the wait. Khan’s Collection was gorgeous. It consisted mostly of brightly colored evening wear suitable for the St. Tropez–bound woman. Though there was an obvious tropical influence, Khan kept his signature Indian inspiration by embellishing almost every piece with gorgeous jewels, sequins, and beads. Most of the dresses and caftans were bright, but even the neutral pieces he sent down the runway popped — the white floor-length gown with feathers, for example, was obviously a crowd favorite (myself included).

Some looks from L.A.M.B.'s Spring 2011 collection and Gwen Stefani.
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Then, I popped over to the L.A.M.B. show, designed by Gwen Stefani. These clothes were on the opposite end of the spectrum. It looked like a fusion of Afro-Caribbean, grunge, and menswear. Gwen mixed tribal prints and plaid, and used asymmetry in almost every look. My favorite piece was definitely the cap-sleeve blazer. And while I wouldn't wear most of the collection, the show itself was the best part; I had a great view of her husband Gavin Rossdale and her children. Kingston Stefani-Rossdale even took a bow with Gwen at the end! Awww. I live-tweeted both shows, but my fingers could barely type fast enough! So many outfits, so little time.

Overall, my first real Fashion Week experience was more than I expected. I loved seeing two vastly different designers back to back, and being a part of a crowd as fashion-obsessed as I am felt amazing. On my way out, I also had an OMG moment — walking next to Russell Simmons and Christian Siriano! Those two are definitely on the opposite side of the fashion spectrum, just like the two shows I had just seen. It was a perfect ending to an already amazing night.

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