Do You Like Pauly D's 'GQ' Hair Makeover?

Pauly D in GQ's October issue and DJ Pauly D at the VMAs.

Photo: Courtesy of GQ/Getty Images

The Jersey Shore cast is going through some major hair makeovers! First, Snooki DE-POUFED and snipped bangs into her 'do, debuting her new "banging" hairstyle at the 2010 Video Music Awards. And now, DJ PAULY D DITCHED HIS BLOWOUT!!! Temporarily, at least. DJ Pauly D debuted the look in GQ magazine's October issue, where he appears with the rest of the boys from the Jersey Shore cast in an editorial about how to tone down your look while toning your body at the gym. Here are the "mane" differences: (1) Pauly D's hair is combed back instead of up; (2) It looks like Pauly D's hair can actually move instead of being hairsprayed/gelled stiff; and (3) He has a mini bang dropping into his forehead, which is adorable. He looks so different! Do you like the his toned-down look? We're fine with him losing the blowout for now — just as long as he doesn't lose those pecs.

+ Which look do you prefer on DJ Pauly D — flat hair or signature blowout?

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