Video: T.I. Reveals His Grooming Secrets!

Hey, boys, listen up! Rapper, actor, and Akoo fashion designer Tip "T.I." Harris stopped by MTV Style recently and we asked him for some great grooming tips to pass along to his male fans. And what did he say was the most important part of a man's grooming routine? "Hygiene!" Yes, so simple, but so important! "It doesn't matter how you look as much as how you smell," he continues. "You could look good but smell bad and nobody will see you. You look bad, smell good, everybody will smell you." So true! So hop in the showers and stay clean, men of the world. T.I.'s success wasn't built on body odor.

+ Do you think T.I. is one of the most well-groomed rappers today?

Watch the video below for T.I.'s grooming secrets!