Lady Gaga's VMA Meat Dress: The Morning-After Photo!

Lady Gaga's meat dress by Franc Fernandez.
Photo: Sam Sparro's Twitter

What happened to Lady Gaga's meat dress after she wore it to the 2010 Video Music Awards?

According to Franc Fernandez, the designer who created the look, he told us yesterday that the dress "will be put in an archive with all of her dresses. The Gaga Archives, I suppose." And, as for who is handling it now, Franc Fernandez says: "She has people who handle everything, so it's with them."

However, Lady Gaga's meat dress is not out of the picture yet! Yesterday, musician Sam Sparro tweetedthis picture of the meat dress post-Gaga. Sam Sparro wrote: "The Meat Dress by @FRANCFERNANDEZ ... The morning after."

We're not sure if Sam Sparro took this picture, but he did post it, and he does have a connection to the meat dress. Sam Sparro — who is also known for some amazing stage outfits — is shooting a music video with meat dress designer Franc Fernandez today, which Fernandez tweeted this morning.

And Sam Sparro's picture tells us so much! Here's what we can gather from the morning-after photo of Lady Gaga's meat dress:

• For one thing, Lady Gaga's meat dress, in the Post-Gaga-Wearing-It time period, is NOT being refrigerated, or at least it wasn't in this photo. And still, remarkably, it has kept its vibrant red color!

• Also, you can totally see the white lace-up shoes used as a base to the meat shoes, and the butcher twine that unraveled.

• As for the rest of the dress, it's just hanging off the chair, and there is meat, meat everywhere!

For more details about Lady Gaga's meat dress, check out this interview with designer Franc Fernandez, who answers all your questions! Read it here: Everything You Wanted To Know About Lady Gaga's Meat Dress: Interview With Franc Fernandez.

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