What Did Lea Michele Do To Her Hair?

Lea Michele at the Oscars on August 29 and new hair on September 7.
Photo: Getty Images/PictureGroup

There was something really different about Glee star Lea Michele’s hair when she walked the red carpet last night at the season two premiere of Glee. It had STRIPES IN IT! This was a noticeable, obvious change to the windblown tendrils she rocked at the Emmy Awards on Aug. 29, which were, more or less, all one color. But last night, Lea Michele lightened up her look with a few chunky caramel pieces in front (though, another possibility is that she just darkened her base color). Either way, we love surprises — especially when it comes to hair!

+ Do you like Lea Michele’s new stripes, or should she have stuck to one color?


Lea Michele’s new hair on September 7.
Photo: PictureGroup

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