Pete Wentz Wears Jessica And Ashlee Simpson's Clothes!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Jessica Simpson, and Pete Wentz (in a Jessica Simpson jacket).
Photo: WireImage

Jessica Simpson touched down in New York this week to debut her new denim line for the spring 2011 Jessica Simpson Collection. She showed off her new denim bottoms at her New York showroom, so we popped by to see the range, from skinny jeans to flares to jeggings (who doesn't have those these days!), priced between $49 to $69. Jessica Simpson enlisted a few of her friends to model the new styles at the preview, including little sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and her husband, Pete Wentz. When we caught up with the couple, Pete revealed that he was wearing a denim jacket designed by Jessica — a women's jacket! And, we must admit, it looked pretty fabulous on him. Don't you think? Read on to find out what else they told us.

What's your favorite type of denim?

Ashlee: I have a denim shirt on tonight, which I really love. But my favorite denim is a good pair of jeans, and I love skinny jeans. But I think Jessica made a really awesome pair of skinny jeans, the denim is so fine and it just fits your body. And it's a pair, I know for me, I can wear it on an airplane, I can wear it all week. And I like that. I like a pair of jeans that I can wear all week. Like you want dirty jeans, I like that they can get dirty and they stay up.

Pete, does Jessica give you any tips on your fashion?

Pete: Uhhh, yeah, definitely. I'm wearing her denim jacket right now. It's womens. It fits nice.

Do you share clothes with each other?

Ashlee: I always wear his sweaters. Sometimes he wears mine. Sometimes his clothes fit me.

Pete: I stretch out her clothes.

What else do you share in terms of clothing?

Pete: When she gets something, I try to wear it out first.

+ Cute! Do you like Pete's women's jacket by Jessica Simpson?