Justin Timberlake Vs. John Mayer: Who Has The Best Preppy Style?

Justin Timberlake and John Mayer

Justin Timberlake on Sept. 6 and John Mayer on July 23.

Photo: PictureGroup/Getty Images

Justin Timberlake and John Mayer are a pair of preppy dudes. Just look at how they wear their golf clothes! Justin Timberlake spent Labor Day yesterday wearing a blue and orange argyle vest over a collared navy shirt, matching navy slacks and an orange belt when he attended the launch of the Mirimichi Performance Center, an eco-friendly golf course, in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. This is beyond color coordination--it's matching down to the last detail! However, he isn't the only one to show off Prep Power this summer. On July 23, John Mayer preformed for the Today show like he was ready to go yachting, wearing a pastel yellow shirt and plaid blue and green pants. While John Mayer impressed us with the short length of his bottoms, we're not sure that's quite enough to edge out the sight of Justin Timberlake in argyle. But you tell us!

+ Who has the best preppy style — Justin Timberlake or John Mayer?