Vote For SuChin Pak's VMA Outfit!

Which outfit do you like best--Party Dress, Retro Classic or Rocker Chic?

You know how it's sooooo hard to pick out what you want to wear for a special night? Well, imagine doing that for an event as huge as the Video Music Awards on Sept. 12! That's why SuChin Pak needs your help. She found three great outfits at H&M and needs you to narrow it down to one look to wear on the red carpet. Should she go with a pretty Party Dress in shimmery silver? Or a long beaded Retro Classic look? Or, would you rather her wear a leopard-print top and black pants for more of a Rocker Chic vibe? You choose! Vote in the poll below for your favorite look. Then, tune in to the VMA Pre-Show on Sunday, Sept. 12 at 8/7c to see SuChin Pak reveal the winning H&M outfit live!



PARTY DRESS: Dress ($59.95), shoes ($49.95), hairpins — styled on the shoulder ($5.95) and ring ($5.95) all available at H&M.

RETRO CLASSIC: Dress ($129), earrings ($5.95) and bracelet ($12.95) all available at H&M.

ROCKER CHIC: Pin ($5.95), leopard shirt ($14.95), necklace ($7.95) and ring ($5.95) all available at H&M.