La Roux's Elly Jackson Wants Androgyny To Catch On

La Roux's Elly Jackson.

Photo: Courtesy of Paper/Cass Bird

La Roux singer Elly Jackson landed a full feature in the latest issue of Paper magazine, and in it she explains her androgynous style, which has come to be her signature look (which we love!). The article is pretty long, so we've scanned it for the most important things you should know:

• Elly spends £30 (or $47) on hair products when she's on tour. Yes, there is no price too high for good hair!

• Elly calls her hairstyle a "ginger quiff."

• Elly likes oversize menswear and Gucci loafers. Good taste!

• Elly hates the outfit she wore in the "Bulletproof" video: "I don't like those clothes now, either. I would never wear any of those clothes, ever. But I guess that shows how much you can change in a year, right?" But those neon clothes were so cute!

• Elly will never wear high heels: "I remember people saying, 'One day you'll wear high heels.' Well no, I f------ won't. It's such a cliché to say, but it's just who I am. It's never going to be a different way." Don't give in!

• Elly says her style is important to give a different perspective: "It's really important for young girls because there isn't anything else. If you're not into that very exposed female look, what else is there? Apart from looking up to boys, which is what I did. I was always looking up to men, which is probably why I was all weird."

+ Do you like Elly's style?


La Roux's Elly Jackson.

Photo: Courtesy of Paper/Cass Bird