Exclusive Video: Ke$ha Explains Her Garbage And Glitter Style

Ke$ha poses for MTV Style.

Photo: Circe Baumgartner/MTV

Ke$ha, one of the presenters at this year's Video Music Awards on Sept. 12, always seems to catch us off guard with her fashion choices. Whether she's lathering her whole body in glitter, painting stripes of blue across her face (and lips) or going out in public with animal masks on, this girl isn't afraid to throw on whatever she wants. But, when MTV Style caught up with her recently, she revealed that everything she does is pretty calculated. Watch the videos below to find out what she thinks of glitter, her style and her stage outfits. Plus, Ke$ha reveals her entire beauty routine, like what happens after she wakes up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy.


"Right before I go onstage, I lather my body in baby oil and cover my entire body with a shield of glitter. Because it just pops! It just looks great! It's really hard to get the glitter off. I've just given up. I've accepted that it will just be there. It's in all my suitcases, it's usually in my food, in my drinks. Sometimes when I pee, it's in the toilet. I don't know how it got there."


"I like digging through thrift stores and sometimes the garbage--yes it's true!--sometimes the garbage. It's not like I'm going to go into the garbage with crusty food on it; all garbage is not equal. But if I see a pile of pretty sweet-looking shirts laying on the ground, yeah, I'll dig through it! In my fantasy world, I would just wear headdresses and run around in body paint and a glitter diaper and that's it. And because I can't run around topless, I just put on the coolest shirt I can find."


"At a part in my show there's some audio that's saying, 'I'm the dance commander, and I'm commanding you to dance, dance, dance.' And I think this [a feather vest] helps accentuate that I am in fact the Dance Commander. These are diapers [holding up gold sequin underwear]. They're not really diapers, and that's really not sexy. But this is where the magic happens, is in these puppies. You put these on and then it's party time."


"I'm not like one of those chicks that really cares. I could literally just wear whatever, I'm not picky and I think that's the beauty of my style. I can kind of make anything look cool if you just tie it up or rip it or pin or safety pin it or put glitter on it."

Ke$ha poses for MTV Style.
Photo: Circe Baumgartner/MTV

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