Show Us Your Style: Spot The Lookalikes At The Rihanna And Ke$ha Concert!

When Rihanna's Last Girl On Earth Tour featuring Ke$ha stopped in New York City recently, we hightailed over to Madison Square Garden to check out the style of the two fashion divas' fans. And there were plenty of Rihanna and Ke$ha lookalikes to go around! The Rihanna fans were easy to spot: Ladies (and guys) with half-shaved heads, dyed hair, and platform heels hit the arena from all directions. The Ke$ha fans were equally as amazing — they smeared their faces with glitter, fastened on feather earrings, and made sure their tees were ripped to shreds. We're willing to bet that the audience for this performance contained the most half-shaved heads and glitter that Madison Square Garden had ever housed before. But watch the video below to see for yourself!

+ Whose style do you like better — Ke$ha or Rihanna?