Photos: Who Do You Think Will Win Cycle 15 Of 'America's Next Top Model'?

Which of these 14 girls will be America's Next Top Model?
Photo: Courtesy of CW

Tyra Banks kicks off Cycle 15 (yes, we're up to THAT MANY!) of her hit show America's Next Top Model on September 8, and this time around, she's going HIGH fashion. The supermodel-turned-TV host wrangled a number of fashion superstars such as designer Diane Von Furstenberg, model Karolina Kurkova, and photographer Patrick Demarchelier (yes, the Patrick from The Devil Wears Prada!) to serve as guest judges this year. Plus, this season's winner will get a spread in VOGUE!!! Well, Italian Vogue, that is, and that's on top of her contracts with IMG Models and Cover Girl. With that said, let's meet the 14 girls up for the prize.

+ Put your bets in early! Who do you think will win?


From left: AnaMaria, 19, from Queens, New York; Ann, 19, from Dallas, Texas; Chelsey, 22, from Boise, Idaho. For this set, we're digging Chelsey, who is all the way on the right, because she has on a Don't-You-Dare-Try-Messing-With-Me face, which Tyra would definitely appreciate.

From left: Chris, 20, from Arlington, Texas; Esther, 18, from Boston, Massachusetts; Jane, 19, from Baltimore, Maryland. Our pick here is Esther, who has a shy look to her, but some emotion with her eyes. And you know what Tyra says? Your eyes speak even when you don't!

From left: Kacey, 20, from Palmdale, Califorina; Kayla, 19, from Rockford, Illinois; Kendal, 23, from Northport, Alabama. Fierceness, ladies! Look at those serious I'm-Gonna-Take-You-Down-And-Out-Pose-You faces! We're loving Kendal's hair and confident stance.

From left: Lexie, 18, from Geneva, Illinois; Liz, 21, from Arlington, Texas; Rhianna, 20, from San Diego, California. Lexie is girl-next-door, Liz has a harder look, and Rhianna — not to be confused with The Real Rihanna — has sleepy eyes. We can't pick a favorite here.

From left: Sara, 21, from Menifee, California; Terra, 24, from Arlington, Texas. Between these two, we pick Terra as the one who's going to get further, even though she has on one of our least favorite outfits in the bunch. Her awesome hair makes up for it, though.

+ OK, our top 3 picks: Chelsey, Esther, Kendal. Who do you think will make it to the Top 3?