How Lady Gaga Travels On An Airplane ... With Nipple Stickers

Photo: Twitter/Lady Gaga

The way Lady Gaga travels is a lot different than the way you travel, and we'll bet on it. Why? Because she wears crazy getups that would never be allowed through security. Exhibit A: Nipple Stickers! On Saturday, she Tweeted this picture of herself in an airplane on her way to her concert in Tacoma, Washington. Her look consisted of a huge blond beehive with a bandana tied around her hair, sheer strapless top, and nipple stickers in the shape of X's. The last time she broke out the nipple stickers was for Lollapalooza, when she crowd-surfed nearly naked during the Semi Precious Weapons set with gold star-shapes on her chest. That means it's only a matter of time before she breaks 'em out again! And as for us regular mortals, we still have to travel like fools, you know, the kind that get anxiety from having to take off our shoes and step on the dirty gross floor of an airport.